Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As of 9:00 am Eastern Time, my Author website went LIVE. My book is out and can be purchased here .

There are reasons writers throw caution to the wind and write books. Some hope for fame. Some hope for fortune. Some hope for a movie deal that will bring them both. Some just want to work doing what they love, in the hopes that enough people will share their passion for the written word. And yes, some people do it in the hope of scoring with the opposite sex. Me - I hope that the proceeds of this book will fill the coffers of the "Send my daughter to Fordham University without a boatload of student loan debt" fund. There's no clever acronym there, I tried already, there aren't enough vowels.

The book is funny, irreverent, and slightly (some who know me would say massively) off -center, but if you've ever been a woman, or known a woman, especially a working woman with children, you'll find something to laugh about between the covers, even if you never make it past the back cover Author's photo (someone should have told me to LOOK UP!).

Buy my book and make someone you know smile. I'll be smiling too. College is expensive!

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