Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I Like Today - the Sinus Edition

I've been nursing a rather unpleasant sinus infection for almost two weeks.  It's been about as much fun as a back massage with a meat tenderizer, minus the trauma (for a hand held meat whacker) or the MSG (for your basic meat tenderizer in a jar).  Thankfully, the experience has allowed me to ponder some of the things one can enjoy while trying to unclog one's "passages".  All of these things involve hot liquids, because if you've ever had sinus trouble, you know steaming hot liquids does wonders to ease your  suffering.

I've titled this What I Like Today, as my attention span is short and I'm easily amused - something else is sure to tickle my fancy tomorrow.  I've included links to these things, so you can like them, too, minus the problem sinus.

1.  French Press Coffee Brewer

I've been drinking a lot of loose leaf teas, and I'm not one for fancy gadgets that enclose my tea leaves in a cage.  With a coffee press, I've got my free-range tea leaves swimming every which-way in a bath of steamy hot water, until the five minute brew time is up and I squash those suckers flat (oops, I press them down to the bottom of the pot with the convenient plunger).  It's an added plus that I can use this press for it's intended purpose, which is brewing coffee so strong that it grows hair on the soles of my feet.

2.  Culinary Teas Shop

I owe this "like" to my eldest brother, who is a faithful customer of this fine establishment, and gave it a shout-out on Facebook earlier this week.  I ordered my favorite teas, Earl Grey and Lemongrass.  I have never had such fragrant, delicious teas.  The French coffee press is working overtime with these teas, as I can't get enough of them.  I'm a coffee fanatic, but given the need for large amounts of hot liquid (sinuses), I had to switch over to tea to stop the nervous twitch and jitteriness that 24/7 coffee drinking spawned.

3.  Long Kow's Crystal Noodle Soup - 6 Kinds of Mushrooms

This stuff is seriously awesome. Yes, I know I should elaborate and provide a more in-depth description of this product, extolling its virtues, but seriously, I live in fear that the Wegmans and Mitsuwa markets that carry this amazing soup will sell out if I tell anyone how good it really is.  And it IS good.  I said that already.  Wait a minute, it seems I mispoke.  It's awful.  Yea, that's right, it sucks, it tastes like moldy gym socks, it contains fungus AND MSG.  I'm pretty sure the combination of the two will turn you all into werewolves.  MWAHAHAHA - more Crystal Noodle Soup with 6 Kinds of Mushrooms for me.  And I don't give a flying fig about the MSG - with the amount of coffee I drink in a day, I doubt a little more twitching from the glutamic acid is going to make a difference.  And the facial flushing - it masks the unattractive pallor that my little infection has caused, so it's a win/win situation (I buy their product and I don't look ill).

4. Lipton Recipe Secrets Beefy Onion Recipe Soup & Dip Mix

There hasn't been a food I've made that didn't taste amazing with this added to it.  Meatloaf - check.  Swedish meatballs - check.  Roast beef gravy - check.  French onion sour cream chip dip - OMG, check, yes, and PLEASE!  Who cares if there's MSG here, too.  So I might vibrate at radio frequencies when standing still.  If generating radio waves from eating an MSG-enhanced food for the sake of culinary nirvana is wrong, I don't wanna be right.  If you're wondering why I chose a Northern Midwestern grocery chain for the link, four boxes for $5.36 is a good deal, and I 'm hoping that plugging this fine establishment will compel the proprietors to send it to me for free.  Hey, I can dream.

Well, these are the things that I like today.  I had a blast writing this, so there will be more of these features.

I wonder what would happen if I mixed the healing power of tea with the awesome goodness of the Crystal Noodles and the Beefy Onion Soup Mix.  On second thought, it's time for my antibiotic.  Adios from sinus land...

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  1. Nice blog Kathy! Nice to meet you, your brother is an awesome person and glad you enjoy the tea!